Buell Motorcycle Oil Change How To Do It Yourself

Dave of www.buellxb.com demonstrates how to change the oil of a Buell motorcycle. Watch detailed step-by-step instructions of Dave changing the oil on his Buell Firebolt. This video shows you how to change the engine oil and primary oil on Buell motorcycles. Do it yourself oil change. DIY Buell sport bike oil change instructions.

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25 Responses to “Buell Motorcycle Oil Change How To Do It Yourself”

  1. this is probably a stupid question, but does the XB9 and XB12 take the same oil?

  2. I have a 07 buell xb12 was this video wanted to know what kind of oils did u use and for the primary oil what kind of oil did u use? Thank you

  3. did you sell this bike? or are you the other guy on the site that has a white and red xb12? because i have a bike JUST like that…..

  4. hello i have bought a buell 2009 xb12r similar to this one with 3500 miles and the very first thing i did was change the oil, exactly as this video using ( screamin eagle 20w50 synthetic motorcycle oil from harley dav,) same as this video i belive , but now the primery gears sounds harder when im driving, louder when i change from 1 to2 from 2 to 3 and 4 ,5 is this bad ?????

  5. That was an awesome instructional video, but that dude looked stoned. Haha

  6. This is a great video. Thanks so much for posting, I love the production values: Music, cut away to printed torque values, Female voice over, nothing I didn’t need, no umms and uuuuhs. Great job.

  7. I like the girl’s voice.

  8. …and the best part is, I have a carpet just like that in my garage. My wife couldn’t believe that’s what I used it for!

  9. Oh man, thank you so much for this. All the other Buell forums are geared towards guys who have been fixing bikes for years, not total beginners like me. Thank you SO MUCH!!

  10. Always wondered where the primary oil goes in, thanks for this video, priceless!

  11. nice hat. 

  12. why do you have to warm up the bike before you change the oil ? where can you buy locktight ?

  13. mna u got some nice vid’ u helpped me alot

    what type of trans’ oil should i use? for xb12s

    75W80 or 20W50

    i dont have in my country amsoil nor mobile1
    had i’m way far from HD dealr’s

  14. what kind of primary oil should i’ll use?
    xb12s 07

    75W80 or 20W50 ?

    i dont have mobile one nor amsoil in my country and i’m way far from HD dealr’s

  15. Thx man with this video everyboby can change the oil on his buell thankyou very much nice greats from Tyrol Austria

  16. For the oil filter on my 07 xb9sx I use part #63806-00Y. And it will fit all Lightning years.

  17. wow! this video is great!
    I ride a 03 xb9s
    what oil filter and oil would you suggest
    for someone that lives nowhere near a HD dealer
    parts numbers?
    I was told to use Mobil One 15W50 Engine: Mobil one Gear Oil 75W90
    idk about the filter
    would this be ok?
    anyones help would be great!
    thanks :)

  18. Thanks and greetings from Germany for this detailled video. Here are the Harleydealer also expensiv. The video is very helpfull and in a very good quality. After seeing is the change so easy. Thanks Frank

  19. i dont have a torque wrench, could i just seel fasten the screws by feel?

  20. is this exactly the same way of how to change the oil on buell xb9sx too.?

  21. how much does the dealer charge you for the oil change?

  22. tnx man really usefull hope there are more of this !

  23. Dave thanks for this video! Much appreciated, much respect!! Thumb up!

  24. DAVE, many thanks for you from Brazil! Great job! Easy and clean :) Marcos Ch.

  25. Thanks Dave! I did my first oil change yesterday.