How To Change The Timing Belt In A Toyota V8 2UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE

How To Change The Timing Belt In A Toyota V8 2UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE

A very detailed walkthrough of how to replace the timing belt in a 1UZ-FE / 2UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE Toyota V8 in a Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Lexus LS, GS, SC, GX, or LX. My goal in making this video is to allow anyone with a jack and hand tools to perform this very costly maintenance procedure themselves. The Toyota dealer quoted me at over 00 (00 from the Lexus dealer) for JUST the timing belt, and all the parts in this kit cost a fraction of that. I got the kit in this video from Galo over at Volkstoy Motorsports, he’s a great guy and I highly recommend his kit! Here’s a link to the exact kit I used: If you have any questions just post a comment and I’ll try to help. If you find the video helpful feel free to like/subscribe!
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24 Responses to “How To Change The Timing Belt In A Toyota V8 2UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE”

  1. Yeah that was the first time I had done it, and I didn’t expect it to come loose so easily. If I were to do it again I would start with pulsing the impact so the bolt doesn’t go all the way back. The fins weren’t bent on the radiator or anything so it wasn’t too bad.

  2. 10:34 I was watching this to see how you prevented the impact wrench from backing into condenser. Guess you didn’t.

    Thanks for the video though.

  3. Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful!

  4. Good work Nick. Nicely filmed too. I bet you were well pleased.

  5. Haha LOL look at what this is a video response to!!

  6. So then I pretty much have to go for a custom small block to put the turbo a supercharger on.

  7. I doubt it would fit without a cowl hood, and blow it, all depends on what you do. If you are looking for a full custom build the you’re going to find the most community support with a smallblock.

  8. Do you think a twin screw supercharger and a turbo would fit and not blow it?

  9. I think that came with a 4.0l 1uz-fe so I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  10. do you think it’ll fit into a 1993 toyota soarer coz i’m either deciding to put a small block engine into it or put a 3uzfe engine into the engine bay and put on turbo and supercharger

  11. 4.3 liters

  12. how many litres is a 3uz-fe engine

  13. That is where all the valves, cams, etc are detensioned and at rest. If you remove the timing belt at TDC the cam gears may move on their own and disrupt your timing.

  14. Why did you advance the crankshaft, once you were aligned to TDC?

  15. This video needs more LIKES, Thumbs up!
    Very Good video, Im working on a 1UZ-FE, about same tho

  16. Not sure, I’ve had it forever. A craft store would certainly have it. Sometimes I see people do markings with a sharpie, but on automotive white is always the best contrast color. The paint pen goes on really thick and sticks to any part. Sometimes I see people use white-out, which you can get at walmart etc.

  17. Yeah I think I hit it with the impact gun. Normally I NEVER tighten fasteners with an impact, but in this case obviously it can take a lot of force. Or maybe I had enough resistance to get it up to 181 ftlbs (spec). I don’t remember so it must not have been very tough.

  18. Thanks for the video. Just one other question: Where did you get the white paint marker that you used to mark the timing belt and pulleys? By the way that is a great technique!

  19. Did you torque the bolt on the crankshaft pulley on reinstallation?  If so, how did you keep the engine from turning? Or did you just use the impact wrench?

  20. Lol yep

  21. wastelandsoldier1 November 7, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    man old cars are so

  22. I’m glad you liked it, don’t forget to subscribe so you see all my new videos!

  23. i hope u have more more and more video
    I am looking forward :D
    ThanK you

  24. I’m glad you liked it!