How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

My car cigarette lighter hasn’t worked for years and I couldn’t find any definitive answers on the net. I finally took it apart and came up with a quick fix. It may not be considered proper, but works for me. I bypassed the blown fusible link. Your lighter socket may differ from my ’99 Toyota Camry’s. Perform at your own risk. CORRECTION: I still have circuit protection because of the cigarette lighter fuse in the fuse box. This is contrary to what I said in the video. 12V Battery to Cigarette Lighter Adapter
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24 Responses to “How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter”

  1. same shit happened to me, stupid air compressor messed up my cigarette lighter.

  2. u just stick cigarette in car lighter hole and it lights it up

  3. no problem. forgot to mention, make sure you open the tray first before you start pulling at it. good luck.

  4. Oh sweet, thanks for your help

  5. the tray snaps into a hinge, its designed to be removed when necessary. just pull at it upwards and outwards at the same time. do one side first, then the other.

  6. How do I pull it out without breaking it?

  7. try behind the coin tray (left of the steering wheel). you will have to pull the tray out completely.

  8. I have a 2000 Camry and my cig lighters went out. Where can I find the fuse so I can check it?

  9. If your shamrock socket doesnt have an integrated fusible link, then it’s no safer than what I did. Even though the Toyota fusible link has been bypassed, there’s still a dedicated fuse for the cig lighter in the kick panel fuse box.

  10. TheComputerGiant October 28, 2012 at 3:20 am

    You barbarians, I bought a new socket at Shamrock Auto parts lol. This is not a safe repair, in my opinion.

  11. i had a 98 kia sportage with a almost identical interior, same dash!

  12. On my accord it was a little different behind the lighter there was a plastic housing I opened it and the power wire was supposed to be touching this piece metal on the lighter but it looked like the soder broke or something. I bent the wire so it touches the lighter and it works fine now.

  13. stephjax93 – take a look at the amp rating printed on both chargers. if the laptop charger is rated significantly higher, i wouldnt recommend using it in the socket. instead, try a battery adapter like the one in my response video. either way, please update us on how it goes, very curious if this fix works on other makes and models besides Toyota. Thank you!

  14. Very helpful video…I will be attempting this in my 97 accord.question how do u know what too much current is? If I could charge my phone could I charge say a laptop??

  15. Excellent, thanks!!!!! This procedure also worked for a 1998 Corolla cigarette lighter. To remove the panel containing the cigarette lighter, I followed the early steps of the YouTube video entitled: 2002 Toyota Corolla Stereo How To

  16. VitalElectrocomp October 28, 2012 at 5:33 am

    Excellent !!


    Google Vital Connectors

  17. – I wouldn’t risk it, just connect it straight to the battery instead. Check out my video response for an example.

  18. Very useful video! mine went after an air compressor too! Did what you did, got it hooked back up and everything. Tested on my gps.. Worked fine!… I saw your correction. So does that mean I can use an air compressor without worry?

  19. The666Gorehound October 28, 2012 at 7:12 am

    im having the same hell with a 98.

  20. JewettProductions October 28, 2012 at 7:26 am

    what about a 99 Taurus?

  21. – it’s either the cig lighter fuse (kickpanel), the fusible link, the wiring, or the cig lighter itself. You’ll have to use a process of elimination. You may want to try removing the fusible link even though it doesn’t look bad. You never know what’s under that heat strink.

  22. thanks! I finally removed that pesky cover. but anyways, the “fussable link” seems fine, not fried like the one on the vid. that leads me to think that it may be the car wiring which may be screwed up… any thoughts? TY

  23. - Remove the ash tray completely, then start pulling the dash trim where the ash try used to be. If you start there, you can do it by hand and do not need a screwdriver. Refer to where my right thumb is at 0:30. Good luck!

  24. @spokes121 were you able to finally remove that face plater you reffered to? I own a 1997 Camry LE and that plate is just too rigid to come out and wont budge. I’m still not being able to remove it. It crossed my mind to pry it with a screwedriver but that was just frustration taking over, I probably would’ve broken it along the edges. Help please! TY