Mazda 3 Oil Change

**Disclaimer** Use this video with the proper precautions in place and at your own risk. This video is not certified by Mazda or ASE Certified. I am not ASE certified or responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse of this informational video. **There Is No Reason To Take Engine Cover Off For This Oil Change** Not sure why I added this step.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mazda 3 Oil Change”

  1. i think gat is the 2.0 [email protected]

  2. Not sure off hand.

  3. These are Yokohama’s in this video.

  4. Thanks.

  5. What size socket was needed for the filter cartridge?

  6. they wont touch it one the oil filter cap is plastic an most of he time it will break,cause they use to much force to unscrew it. its better to do it yourself then to let some novice do it

  7. yes. 2010 mazda 3 has regular oil filters that replaced completely. and you do not need to remove plastic underpan. there is a hole for filter removal.

  8. @WHVN3S If your taking it to a 10 minute oil change they probably won’t do it because they don’t have the proper cup to take the filter off

  9. Good video … Very helpful!

  10. How is the tire wear/ road noise with the falken 912’s?

  11. Very informative! Thanks for posting. I saved like half the cost of having this done using a synthetic oil

  12. Good job!!

  13. thank you so much! your video is really helpful

  14. Why did you remove the cover…?

  15. It’s an AEM with a water bypass installed.

  16. What kind of cold air intake do you have

  17. Thanks! I tried this once, but couldn’t take the filter out… It was a mystery! Now I know how to do it… I might just try it myself and save some money. Thanks again!

  18. Thanx you saved me some money

  19. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for making such a quality video. My dad got this 3 for my mom, and was about to do the first oil change and had no idea. Your video is dead on. Thanks a lot man.

  20. Thanks alot, I was about to pay $50 dollars for an oil change…

  21. Mazda’s don’t have an opening in the undercarriage for the filter and drain bolt, its a hassle and wastes a lot of time which could have been used better

  22. is this is the same for a 2.0? same year just different engine.

    I’m going to replace the spark plugs too? is it easy? I didn’t want to pay the dealer $250 when I’m certain I can do it myself

  23. Nice work! Thanks for actually showing us you doing it so we get a realistic idea of what it takes. All the little tips were very helpful to, for instance using the ratchet to get the oil filter socket off, and other reminders you included. Very thorough!! Thank you!!!

  24. Thanks for the video… After doing it I realized that I would rather change to the spin on filter. Anyone figure out if the 2.0 filter is big enough for the 2.3 engine?

  25. that under panel was made for the previous 2.0 l engine.