Tutorial: Change coolant/anti-freeze in a 2006 Subaru WRX STi

Like cars? Check out my new web site! nukem384.blogspot.com How to change radiator fluid (coolant/anti-freeze) on a 2006 Subaru WRX STi. This install will work for just about any other Subaru as well.
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25 Responses to “Tutorial: Change coolant/anti-freeze in a 2006 Subaru WRX STi”

  1. ive read multiple people claiming subaru conditioner being a stop leak and tht was about it

  2. how much coolant do i need to put into the reservoir when adding new coolant , fill it to the top or half way?

  3. Hey guys, I know where the draincock is, but is the core cap located underneath the car also?
    Mines an 06 WRX also…

  4. I put the conditioner in and my radiator still cracked on the plastic….its kind of inevitable with the oem radiators.

  5. don’t put in Subaru coolant conditioner in it! A subaru technician told me it’s just regular plug leak junk and the only thing it does is delaying a designated gasket failure.

  6. how do you remove the coolant resevoir ? mine seems stuck

  7. what about air bubbles? I thought you have bleed it out so you won’t over heat

  8. So is green Gatorade the Subaru recommended OEM replacement coolant? :)

  9. Seems easy enough. I haven’t done my Legacy GT yet, and I was a little fuzzy about the conditioner stuff, but your video cleared it all up. Thanks!

  10. Adding Green Gatorade Into Your Reservoir?

  11. continued from previous comment.
    That’s an interesting way to bleed the cooling system, I haven’t seen it before.
    I typically do it the old school way.
    I remove the upper rad hose, and fill the block with coolant, then reconnect it to the rad.
    Then I top off the rad, start the car and turn on the heat. While leaving the rad cap off, so as to let the air escape from the cooling system. Then I massage the upper hose, top off the rad. When you have heat at the vents, your good. Road test time !

  12. +1 on the genuine Subaru coolant, and the Conditioner. Some Subaru head gaskets (Read: series 2 EJ25’s particularly in Outbacks, and 2.5 GT’s) are very sensitive to silicates, borates, and 2-EHA (Found in universal all makes all models and dexcool coolants). Which in many cases can lead to a head gasket failure. I’m not saying it happens to all of them but it happens to many of them ( just google it)
    continued in next comment.

  13. Also, have you ever done a coolant flush? Do you think it is necessary?

  14. Does this method drain ALL the coolant from the entire system? I am concerned about some old dirty coolant remaining in the system and being diluted by the new coolant…

  15. you should be changing coolant every 30k, so yes

  16. my 06 sti has 48000mile now, is time to change the coolant?

  17. This video is fucking awesome thanks for posting all your vids seriously saving me some dough and really helping me out. Keep the vids coming

  18. The Subaru coolant is manufactured by Castrol I think. It is designed specifically for aluminium blocks/heads and has some funky additives. This is particularly important with a flat H4 or H6 engine because there are two heads involved. Apparently the Subary coolant reacts with the aluminium inside the water channels of the block and leaves a protective coating in place which prevents corrosion. Other coolants while good, may not provide this protection. In this instance, use Subaru.

  19. Lol. A Honda, lolll.

  20. does antifreeze have the same amount of Ethylene Glycol as engine coolant? like is it as toxic? i live in australia so i don’t have anti freeze but i wanna kill some feral cats.

  21. Safety Reminder
    Open the radiator cap when the engine is cold or you may get badly scald/burn.
    Never in any circumstances should you open the radiator cap, if the automobile is at operating temperature.

  22. subaru genuine fluid and the conditioner is always the best. the dealership is the only place you can get that stuff. distilled water, any grocery store. if its too much a hassle, you coulddd use 50/50, but its not as good and might deteriorate life on the radiator.

  23. hey nukem, i just replaced my radiator on my 02 wrx a few minutes ago, and i was wondering if i had to use that specific subaru coolant conditioner with distilled water. Could i just go with normal 50/50 prestone antifreeze/coolant? and if thats a yes to the coolant conditioner + distilled water, where could a guy pick it up?


  24. yea i gathered that much lol, thanx for the quick response

  25. yea i gathered that much lol