How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube – Part 7 – Finishing the Cube

In this step, we perform the Allan, a 9 move algorithm which rotates the top layer edge pieces in a counter-clockwise direction. After that, the cube should be done! The Algorithm we must know for this step is: L180 Ti B Fi L180 Bi F Ti L180 (rotates last 3 edges counter-clockwise) *****Please NOTE that if you have 2 sides completed at any time when doing this algorithm, it is because you have at one time had pieces removed or pop out of your cube. You must remove and switch these pieces or you cannot solve your cube***** Official/Standard Notation is: L2 Ui B Fi L2 Bi F Ui L2 “Reverse” Allan: (rotates last 3 pieces clockwise, put the completed side on the LEFT) R2 U Bi F R2 B Fi U R2 You must make sure that when you perform this step, that the COMPLETED side is on the RIGHT face. The LEFT face then becomes the side OPPOSITE the completed face. If you do NOT have a completed side, then any side can be the LEFT side as long as the yellow is on top and white on bottom. You will see that when the completed side is on the right face, the piece in the front upper layer edge position will be moved to the back face, the back face piece will go to the left face, and the left face piece will go to the front face (*Please watch video to completely understand*). THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR THE POSITIVE COMMENTS! I am so glad that I was able to help so many people solve the cube. I put a lot of time into making the tutorial beginner friendly and was glad that my method was easy to
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